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Pinxies Mermaid Ship, sailing the high seas with Koral at the helm.

Let's Play!

It's finally time

to have fun!

Creativity is in our DNA...

and we will share our secrets!

We empower teams and embrace constraints: our small teams are empowered to develop ideas with well-defined parameters and tough deadlines. This creates a dynamic tension that unlocks, rather than constrains creativity.

We eliminate silos: our focus is to minimize obstacles and chase down creative solutions. So, any member of any team can approach anyone in another department without having to go through “proper” channels. The search for the best solution is more important than the organizational structure.

We share unfinished work: sharing unfinished work in a positive environment discourages a culture of perfectionism, which is death to truly innovative and disruptive ideas.

Luki Lab designer creates conceptual ske
Our Brands

Our Brands


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