Where creativity and execution merge.

Strottman develops, engineers and manufactures hundreds of millions of custom products each year and delivers real value and peace of mind to our clients. Our U.S. operations works seamlessly with our teams in Hong Kong and China to create and build more than 250 custom SKUs per year and delivered over three billion products throughout our history and 100% safety record.

Our dynamic creative resources, often incorporating the world's biggest licensed properties, consistently hit date and cost targets for complex programs. Our experienced logistics experts ensure that all products arrive within every promotional window across thousands of locations. The highly trained Strottman product management teams in Hong Kong and China are literally in the factories every day to ensure quality, safety, and on-time delivery for our clients. Here are some samples:


Catch Copters

6” Collector Cars

Taco Bell
So-So Happy Watches

Games in a Cup

Chuck E. Cheese’s
Basketball Game

Monster Jam Trucks

Taco Bell
Pirate Ships

SI KIDS Lacrosse

Red Robin
Magazine and Cups

Taco Bell
Touchdown Tacklers

Chuck E. Cheese’s
Lunchbox & Bottle

Taco Bell
Bell Hedz